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     I started designing and maintaining websites 27 years ago for my own family business and then for a few other small businesses in the same shopping center.  Many years of involvement as a small business owner gives me a valuable insight and unique perspective about what small business development and marketing is all about. 

     As a small business you want to: increase your business exposure, grow your customer base and increase your revenue, all while keeping your budget in check.  I use creativity and individual strategies to find solutions that bring value to my clients.  I am always happy to talk with you about your vision and ideas.  Afterall, no one knows your business better than you do! 

Dora Perry

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WIX Expert Convention Miami, FL 2018

I was honored to attend the very first ever International WIX Expert Convention at the WIX Miami Office May 2018.
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Google Certified

Fundamental Digital Marketing

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